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     We  invite  you  to  take  part  in  the  International  Architectural  and  Building  Forum  ODESSA HOME 2019, which will take place on  October 24 - 27, 2019  at the Exhibition Complex of Odessa Sea Port.


       The exposition includes “Architecture and Building Technologies” and “Energy Saving Technologies” topics. ODESSA HOME 2019 represents the progress and resources of the leading companies in architecture and building industry. Reflecting the newest tendencies of building industry development, ODESSA HOME 2019  reveals the prominent prospects of effective partnership for building and design companies, producers and suppliers of building materials and equipment, leading architects and designers.

In the frameworks of  ODESSA HOME 2019  will be held:

- Presentations and seminars on prospective building materials and technologies;

- Exhibition “OdessaEnergy”; 

- Exhibition and competition of conceptual architecture and design “_I_SEE_SO_!_”.

Main topics of the exhibition of Architecture and Building Technologies:

  • Projecting and Construction
  • Reconstruction and Restoration
  • Facade and Roofing systems
  • Windows and Doors
  • Building and Finishing materials
  • Ceramics, Sanitary engineering
  • Stone and Stone processing
  • Metal ware, Forging
  • Floors and Floor coverings
  • Electric equipment, instruments
  • Lighting engineering
  • Varnish-and-paint production
  • Doors, Partitions, Stairs
  • Water and Gas supply, Heating
  • Microclimate systems  
  • Pools, Fountains, Baths and Saunas
  • Automation systems management    
  • Landscape and Interior design 

The advertising campaign of  ODESSA HOME 2019  is aimed at the representatives of Ukrainian business circles and foreign partners, at the specialists of building branch and prospective customers of goods and services of architectural and building market. As advertising means are used all modern communication facilities: Internet, television, including series of author’s programs, radio, outdoor advertising, specialized and business press, direct mailing and profile exhibitions of Ukraine.

ODESSA HOME 2019  is a unique possibility to introduce your company to a wide range of potential customers and to face a completely new qualitative level of business communication!

Organizer: Exhibition Centre “Odessa Home” 



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